Saturday, 29 September 2012

A Selection Of Pictures Euro Truck Simulator Mods

With the release due very soon of SCS's Euro Truck Simulator 2, due out in the next few weeks, I thought I would give my fellow blog members some thing to remind us of the old original version of this great game by adding a couple of screenshots from mods created by fans of the games

Below is Radars version of the Volvo with the Eddie Stobart livery, very nice skin, lets hope there is another version of this great looking truck for the newer version of the game...fingers crossed.

A very nice looking Scania for heavy haul created by Italian job, what with Twelve wheels, I bet this bad boy could pull almost anything.

Third for today is another Volvo this time by Lonestranger and Ols

Please note, none of the files needed for any of these mods are on this blog, I do not take credit for any of the work taken to create them, I just added the pictures, and credits to the original creators and skinners etc.

A few pictures of some of the trailer mods that are availble aswell as the truck mods

EU Trailer pack by Joske

Lonestranger's Esso Tanker

Hope you like the few pictures I have added, it might remind you of the original Euro Truck Simulator

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