Friday, 28 September 2012

Welcome To The Trucking Simulator Games/Mods

I started this small blog, for a simple reason, I love trucks, trucking games, and everything that goes with it, I am a real trucker in the real world, plus I am also a virtual trucker too, yes I am addicted to trucks in every, way, shape and form, I am a beta tester for the worlds best trucking simulator games company, and I have been posting video's on Utube for the virtual trucking fans to view, I am not very good at going this, but at least I try my best, which is a good thing right?.

Anyway I have not long uploaded a very short video, onto Utube ( compared to the other video's I have uploaded this is very short ), I called it Banana-MAN, which is my sence of humour showing through, You wonder why?'s very simple, the truck is a very bright yellow, and it's a MAN TGX, hence the name.

The video show some of the truck customisation screens and some of the addons you can apply to your truck. I hope you like it, it took me a few hours to get it right ( or so I thought ).

With this blog, anybody wishing to add virtually anything about the virtual trucking community, this can be, game links, websites, VTC's ( Virtual Trucking Company's ), mods, screenshots, links almost anything, as long as it covers the world of virtual trucking, and does not contain any content not fit for children to view


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