Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Update On My New Scania

I got a bit bored of my bright orange Scania R730 more or less after completing the last video, which is of course just after I bought the new Scania for my in game fleet, my old truck is now being driven by a new company employee, I buy a brand new truck, cover around 30 thousand game miles in it, then hire a driver for it and replace it with a brand new truck.

Anyway I love the new paint job on my Scania so much I thought I would add a couple of screenshots to the blog, so everybody can enjoy them.

Below are a couple of screenshots of the old paint job on my Scania, thought I would also add them so you can compare these to the upgraded paint job.

And here are the pictures from the new paint job, right before I completed the upgrade, shes a beauty now huh?

I know what you going to say right?........its still bright orange, well it is very simular colour to that of the original pain on the truck, but the design is a real nice bit of craftmanship.

For all those out there that like the idea of getting stuck in real situations while playing Euro Truck Simulator 2, like for example being stuck behind a load of other traffic on smaller roads where it is virtually impossible to overtake them, is in for a real treat, ETS2 does this job very well at certain times of the day/night, there can be a very large number of other traffic on the roads, and traffic jams are inevitable, a small example is shown below in a simple forum of a screenshot, showing the amound of AI cars that was in front of me on a "A" road, which being in a truck that is limited to 55mph means that I could not get past until a dual carriageway far far down the road

As you might be able to see from the screenshot above, there is a long line of AI traffic in front of me on this part of the road.

Well I am now starting to look for idea's for my next gameplay video, so please keep checking back on the blog and the forums for more information, video's and of course more screenshots.


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