Saturday, 19 January 2013

My New Wheel

After having to use a offical xbox 360 steering wheel to play Euro Truck Simulator 2, as I could not afford to buy a decent steering wheel and I had the xbox 360 wheel just sitting there doing nothing, and as I wanted to continue to help with the beta testing of ETS2 I decided to try the xbox wheel after a small discussion with Pavel about it, I got to admit the wheel was not to bad at all, there was off course a few problems with it, the turning circle is tiny compared to most gaming wheels ( only 180degrees from lock to lock ), and the other problem was not enough buttons so I had to also use the keyboard for most of the games functions, not to mention that the pedals only had the brake and gas pedals ( no clutch )

But after my family decided instead of buying me a present for Christmas, they would donate money to the M@x G27 fund, well I am pleased to say that I am now the proud owner of a slightly used Logitech G27

Well what can I say about this wheel, for a start it is the complete opposite of the Xbox 360 wheel, its very strong, comfortable to use, has 16 buttons ( plenty to assign functions in ETS2 ), has the full 270degree turning circle, so the wheel acts like a real wheel in the game ( when set up correctly ), so a small bit of movement on the G27 the game wheel moves the exact same amount, unlike the Xbox 360 wheel, which if you turned the wheel 2 inches it was the equivalent to a half a turn of the gaming wheel, which is ok once you get used to it, but has a lot of effect on the smaller roads or the motorways when you can lose control of the truck by the smallest turn.

Well my son ( who is 13 ) is a trucking nut, and has been around trucks most of his young life, and has actually traveled with me across the continent, not to mention his two uncles who are owner drivers and he spends a lot of time with them, not just in the passenger seat but at their workshop when they are doing routine maintenance on their trucks, and actually gets his hands dirty by helping them, with the servicing and washing of their trucks.

So I recorded a short video of him driving a virtual truck ( Volvo Fh16 ) in the game, and posted it to Utube.

A short video of my 13 year old son testing the logitech G27 steering wheel and pedals, while also using a full manual ( with clutch ) 12 speed manual splitter, I think he drives it good considering his young age.

Please remember if you want to comment ( I love to hear from the people who visit my little blog ), that the video was recorded with a 13 year old driving, and he makes a few mistakes, and does not shift the gears on the right RPM for better Eco driving ( he just loves to hear the turbo whine )

For more information on the Stobart skins used in the video please go to the TSGM forums


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